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Module variations

On this page you can see basic suffixes used in this template.

01For the modules used on the top1-2 module positions we recommened to use only default module styles.

02The clear suffix is very useful to create banners or images without additional borders, margins and paddings. The clear suffix is also very useful inside the mainbody, mainbody_top and mainbody_bottom module positions.

03If you want to create a module with white title and content then please use the white module suffix

04For the NSP modules please always disable usage of the default CSS styles in the module settings.

05For the NSP modules inside the Grid GK5 module we have prepared a few additional suffixes: grid-left-img, grid-right-img, grid-big-img and grid-big-title

06If you need to add the border around the Grid GK5 module without using borders around cells you can use the grid-border suffix.

07If you need to use the big title aligned to the left side, you can use the bigtitle-left suffix - it creates bigger title with left text alignement.


Joomla! offers three different types of messages. Creatings standard information about Joomla! system is presented depending on a message type as follows:


  • This is a sample message
  • This is a sample of notice message
  • This is a sample of error message

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